Is VoIP Reselling a Profitable Business?

As it is a known fact that VoIP resellers feature lower down the hierarchical order of VoIP business, there arises a question whether they can make a good profit margin while extending their services to end users. The answer is a big “YES” as it opens up potential business opportunities for them which most fail to comprehend.

No matter at whichever level you are tagged on in the VoIP business hierarchy, you can still make a fortune with the kind of services you’re enabled to offer to your subordinate levels. So, as a reseller you can scale up your business growth efficiently only if you’re able to ensure seamless business run as indicated below.

Expand your business boundaries

Most resellers focus on transmitting VoIP services from retailers to end users or other resellers. Apart from this, you will have to concentrate on different set of end users such as call centers, educational institutions, small and mid-sized businesses, etc., which can guarantee good returns in order to make your business more competitive. Thus, expansion of business is possible through VoIP reselling for your increased revenue generation.

Choice of Routes

Generally, the voice call quality through VoIP depends on the internet connection as well as the routes subscribed by VoIP service providers/retail VoIP providers. Though nothing can be done with respect to internet connection by them, they can definitely manage the routes with the help of softwitch based on the number of concurrent calls it can process. The routes can be classified as:

  1. Standard Routes: The voice quality is always standard in nature with any number of concurrent calls.
  2. Premium Routes: The voice quality is crystal clear irrespective of the number of concurrent calls.
  3. Grey Routes: The voice quality dips as the number of concurrent calls increases.

Thus, as a reseller you should be aware of these route choices so that you can accordingly seek them from your wholesaler. A softswitch can help you make the combinational choice of these routes to ensure decent voice quality for your end users while bringing more profits to your business. So, see that your wholesaler has a robust softswitch that has this provision.

Advanced Softswitch

As mentioned, the role of softswitch is very critical for successful VoIP reseller business. Most softswitches don’t support billing functionality so it will pose a big problem for you to track customer transactions/accounts and bill them accordingly leading to ineffectual customer service. This will eventually result in huge loss for your business as there would be no transparency in tracking the balance talk time. Hence, an advanced wholesale softswitch that also supports billing functionality has to be procured from your wholesaler to ensure risk-free business environment.

In addition to above, ensure that the SIP clients provided by your wholesaler support advanced features such as Video Conferencing, SMS, Instant Messaging, Call Transfer, File Sharing, etc., in order to provide seamless VoIP services to end users.

Complete VoIP Package – A Game-Changer for Your Business

Over the last few years, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has taken over a considerable portion of the telecommunication market. It has become remarkably popular in the realm of business communication. Be it any scaled sector, it has proven to be a real game-changer.

Today, the immense popularity of a VoIP system has made it compulsory for the enterprises to use it. And as a result, even the providers have to come up with high-quality VoIP solutions with advanced features. Generally, individual solutions can be hired according to the communication requirements of the company. But these days, businesses are more likely to hire complete VoIP package which covers all the solutions.

Let’s have a look at what such packages normally include:


In a telecommunication network, Softswitch is the core device that connects phone calls from one line to another. It provides an effective passage of data and voice for the conference calls. More useful for VoIP service providers, Softswitch is best for handling call routing, signaling and much more.

PBX System

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system is an important part of a complete VoIP package. It supports the whole local and remote business communication. Using a single network; PBX system offers voice, video and multimedia sharing. Enterprises have more increasingly started to adapt it because it helps users to connect from anywhere and at any time.

VoIP Billing

This software is generally useful to collect and calculate the billing details, producing invoices of calls, online payment gateways and other relevant processes. It also helps monitor the sales data and update the financial history. Due to its easiness and unique usefulness, VoIP Billing is well anticipated among the businesses.

VoIP Mobile Dialer

This simple application can be installed on the mobile phones to make VoIP calls. With Mobile Dialer, users can make national or international calls at very cheap rates. They can also send SMS/IM with great ease and at lower rates. This is how a VoIP Mobile Dialer can reduce the telephony expense of an enterprise to a great extent!

Wholesale VoIP

An integral part of the international business communications, Wholesale VoIP is mainly for the service providers offered by the wholesale carriers. By enabling the users to enjoy telecommunication over the internet, it has contributed a lot to the VoIP business revolution.

Usually, businesses hire selective solutions from the entire range of VoIP solutions according to their communication needs. And VoIP service providers cost them on the basis of those hired solutions. But if the overall calculation is made, it is advisable to hire complete VoIP package which includes all the telephony related services. This way, an enterprise can even make the international and national calls, route the calls, automatically collect the bills, arrange video and web conferences, support the remote communication needs and do a lot other things more quickly and easily.

A complete VoIP package not only enhances the communication and collaboration of a business, but also surprisingly reduces the overall business expense. This way, a business can grow by leaps and bounds because the time and manpower is going to be saved and at the same time, the expenses are going to be reduced. In a nutshell, it will prove as a real game-changer for the business!

Top 7 Benefits – Wireless VoIP Phones For Home Or Business

The benefit of Wireless VoIP phones is an obvious and great choice for retail organizations, institutions, and even hospitals to contemplate using. No longer is there a desire for a society to have separate systems for work (computer-based) and voice communications (telephone-based). Businesses and personal communications can be comprehensive.

With the convergence of VoIP and Wi-Fi , Voice over Wireless is anticipated to be the next move forward into the future of wireless communications.

Internet VoIP phones are proceeding wireless. Internet phone vendors have combined wireless networking with Voice Over Internet Protocol phone service to produce Wi-Fi VoIP phone technology.

Wireless VoIP phones are also known as VoWLAN or voice over wireless local network areas and Wi-Fi phones. The operation of wireless VoIP phones requires a data network to which Wi-Fi equipment is combined. Internet connections are accessed from wireless hotspots allowing VoIP Wireless phones to communicate.

The benefits of using this type of technology is obvious. Apart from the independence it supplies, wireless VoIP phone systems enable societies to merge communications to include phone communications, email, and text messaging, permitting them to work with each other in one system. This proficiency is a time saver, as well as saving money.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been gaining a lot of consideration currently, as more businesses and individuals move from standard telephone service to phone service via the Internet with benefits outweighing those of traditional phone services.

Ease of use The VoIP phone handsets are not hard to use: If you use a cell phone, you’ve got the abilities needed to operate a Wi-Fi VoIP phone. To place a phone call, simply key in the phone number and select Send. Calls are then routed onto the public-switched phone network through your VoIP carrier.

Save Money Wi-Fi VoIP phones utilizing the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard, anyone could place a Internet phone call to anywhere in the world for a flat fee or reduced rates.

Some businesses mobile phone accounts in the tech industry and or service industries are a major encumbrance, so with the unification of WiFi VoIP Mobile phones in conjunction with Internet access and individual organizer’s will provide a great savings for these companies.

Laptop-toting business travelers can also enjoy inexpensive, or even free, voice calls when they elect to employ services such as Skype or other VoIP service providers.

Keeping you Phone Number when you Move VoIP phones also provide a great feature of enabling you to preserve your current phone number regardless where you choose to relocate as long as you use a high speed Internet access.

VoIP phone calls expedite assignments over the same broadband connection being location independent using an Internet connection to connect to your service provider.

Efficient Connecting VoIP calls through a Wi-Fi network to a residential broadband connection, can be made for free or at prices sometimes half of that for a cell phone call.

WiFi mobile phones also sense a Wi-Fi hot spot and interchange to a Wi-Fi mode, permitting functions such as sending e-mail and downloading files.

With a Wi-Fi cell phone, if within a structure using Wi-Fi access, the call is handed off from the traditional cellular network to the Wi-Fi LAN, acquiring advantage of VoIP technology is to maintain the call without drop-out.

When a Wi-Fi VoIP-based communication is taking place indoors, or surrounded by a Wi-Fi hotspot, it can unnoticeably transfer to the traditional cellular network if the user strolls out of range of the hotspot throughout the call.

Features Numerous individuals currently favor VoIP to Analog phones. Analog or conventional phones are departing the battle against VoIP when it arrives to cost effectiveness, standards, quality, and ease of utilization.

WiFi VoIP phones host many calling features supporting voice-quality enhancements, including speed dialing, call forwarding, call waiting and conference calling. Many handsets now offer features such as a high-resolution display, menu-driven functions and messaging capabilities encouraging exceptional voice quality and mobility.

Considering that many new VoIP phones are designed to expand with system capabilities, characteristics are assured to keep pace with new system enhancements.

Convenience WiFi VoIP phones enable users the same convenience and portability that they have pleasure in with a wireless Internet connection for their homes.

Presently, VoIP phones with built in Wi-Fi offer the convenience of taking your VoIP phone and phone number to any free Wi-Fi hot spots to place a call.

WiFi VoIP phone users, will not even be capable of noticing the distinction in a change over from the telephone that they had been utilizing to make all of their residence phone calls – in fact, the only difference that will take place is the absence of a statement from the telephone company.

Flexibility Wifi VoIP phone technology seizes flexibility to a step toward the front. With its performance close to that of a WiFi internet modem this phone technology boosts the portability by permitting the users to make calls from anywhere as if they are operating their cordless phones.

Another benefit that wireless VoIP phones offer over cellular is reception-cellular phones don’t consistently work inside a sizeable workplace, manufacturing buildings, or lower ground floor offices, while VoIP phones do. VoIP technology is well-suited for sizeable offices, retail merchants, clinics, and for individuals who must journey from office to office. For users who must consistently have access to the phone, having a wireless VoIP phone attached to their belts instead of at their work station can save time.

Voice Over IP- VoIP is currently developing and increasing corporate recognition as device costs lower and VoIP phones technology is enhanced. VoIP over Wireless LAN- VoWLAN is freeing the telephone from the cord and providing the end user with a reliable, efficient way to communicate with the future.